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Video SEO And HD Video Production

We love developing great videos but making sure they rank well on search engines is one of our topmost priorities. We only utilize the best and proven SEO techniques to rank your videos on the first page of relevant searches. A top ranking is guaranteed.

Online video marketing is the use of quality videos to enhance your online presence. Small and large businesses are using videos to market their products/ services and improve their visibility online. People love to share webinars, training videos, how-to-videos and testimonials online and this gives businesses an opportunity to present adverts to potential customers.

Additionally, online videos allow you to educate customers and prospects on critical information about your business in a more compelling way.

Research studies have shown that:

  • 80% of website visitors will move away if the site doesn’t have a video.
  • Videos make web visitors stay on a site twice as long
  • 52% of consumers will buy an item after watching a product video
  • 92% of web visitors will share a nice HD video with others after viewing it.

With an online video on your website, you increase your chances of being found on the first page of Google search by 50%

Failing to implement video marketing will make you miss out on the opportunity to be found online. Remember that YouTube is the 2nd most popular search engine after Google. If you don’t have a video, you could be missing out on millions of potential clients.


At Wish 111, we believe in the power of videos in successful online marketing. We help you to develop high quality videos to help your brand connect with potential customers in a very effective and special way. Our production process is unique since it takes into account critical search engine optimization techniques when developing online videos. Wish 111 only creates high quality HD videos which rank well on popular search engines and will be easily found online. Our online video marketing process is centered on proper keyword research and competitor analysis in order to ensure your videos attract the right people from the very beginning.

Initial Introduction

To understand your brand better and develop a video that tells your story our first step is to get to know. We can conduct a one-on-one interview with a client or an in-depth conversation on phone. We’ll ask you a series of questions and the answers will guide us to develop a compelling and effective story.

Select Preferred Style of Video

We develop videos in different styles including very high end animation, informative HD videos, motion graphic videos and promotional HD videos. If you have Images form a special occasion like a wedding, event, or function we can convert all images to a HD video for you. We will advice you on the type of video style you should consider based on what can help you to achieve your video goals.

Keyword Research and Competitor Analysis

We perform a detailed keyword research to understand what words and phrases people are using to search for your business online and include these keywords in your videos. We also go through a number of your competitor’s websites to see the kind of content they have and the keywords they are using to be found online.

Unique Script Creation

Using the information we obtained during the interview and the keywords we got after the analysis, we come up with a creative script that best outlines the video. We only begin to plan for the video production process after the script has been approved by the client.

Video Production Process

The process of producing the video will vary based on the client’s package. If you choose a live action video package, we’ll spend two to three hours shooting the video at our studio or on location. We have a green screen studio where our professional actors shoot all our spokesperson videos. Other videos like motion graphics are shot by our artists and internal animation experts.

Post-Production Process

After the video is produced, we perform editing, use videos and graphics to bring out your story. We will integrate graphics and text and even edit the source material and then add music and sound effects to bring out a professionally done end product.

Optimization on YouTube

We create a YouTube Channel that represents your brand and becomes a powerful marketing tool for your online videos. We then upload the video(s) on your YouTube Channel while placing the right keywords in the video title and description tags. We make use of effective video SEO strategies when uploading video(s) on YouTube.

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