The New Change In Google Adwords means Organic SEO Is More Important

February 27, 2016

Google has removed all right hand side AdWords ads from search results pages. From now on, these ads will only be showing on the top and at the bottom of the search engine result pages. If the search query is ‘highly commercial’, Google may increase the number of AdWord ads displayed from the usual three to four. These changes have been effected worldwide by Google. It has now made the desktop Google experience more similar to the mobile experience. With these changes, AdWord ads have now been replaced by Knowledge Graphs, Product Listing Ads or Shopping Ads.

This change in the search engine results page means that organic space has become more important and Fort Lauderdale businesses need to have greater focus on organic search engine optimization. As for paid search advertisers, the competition for top slots is definitely going to increase for average CPCs. According to Google, the reason for making this change is because of the poor click-through-rate for right hand side ads across verticals. They project a more profitable CPC inflation from this major change in the long run.

This change also creates a cleaner user experience when completing a search. Since the options are fewer, there is a more cohesive experience on mobile and desktop search, which has been a Google priority for a while now. Mobile search queries surpass queries on desktop. This move by Google keeps them on top of this trend by building products that are mobile first.

By reducing the number of ads, organic traffic is expected to increase, although a fourth ad could push down the organic search results and reduce traffic. For the few users who do not notice the small yellow ‘Ad’ label, these ads are becoming more and more like organic listings. If AdWord users overcome the competition challenge for these ads, they have the potential of gaining a lot of organic traffic from the search engine results pages.

It is quite easy for organic search business owners to panic at the thought of ads taking the top spots in the search engine results pages. However, removing these ads makes things quite interesting for SEO. The PPC spots on top of the organic results are supposed to be for premium terms now making them quite expensive per click. Business owners now have to decide whether the top spot is worth the money or if they stand a better chance vying for the organic spots in the search results pages. A great strategy for business owners is to push for organic SEO and accept lower PPC position. This blended search approach will be great for the most competent.

With the rise of ad blockers, there is also the risk of ads becoming potentially irrelevant to some search users. It is a much better decision to make organic listings stand out for commercially meaningful keywords. Organic search listings could benefit greatly from this change by Google due to the removal of clutter around the search engine results page.

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