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Importance of Having a HD Video on Your Website

August 20, 2014

In this day and age, video marketing is a must-have tool for every company online. Research has shown that consumers prefer to watch videos instead of reading long pages of content on your website. The fact that YouTube is the second biggest search engine in the world shows you just how much people are drawn to videos these days.

What makes people prefer videos online and how can your brand take advantage of this ongoing trend?

In the last couple of years, video streaming has gained popularity due to a number of reasons. To start with, the connection speeds have improved significantly over the years so videos take less time to load. Secondly, the increase in available bandwidths has encouraged many website owners to increase the number of videos on their sites. There’s no excuse but to utilize quality videos in online marketing.

Online videos are more effective than textual content because research has shown that people pay more attention to faces. There’s a part of the human brain that easily digests and believes information delivered using the human face. For this reason, using videos to introduce your brand will make it more believable as opposed to textual content which people go through without gathering any information.

On top of that, HD images or animation conveys rich information compared to text. The simple sound of  music and effects makes it easier for the brain to convert information that may be hard to explain using textual content. With this information, brands can use instructional videos to show their customers how their products or services work. Using these videos will ensure the message reaches the viewer in a clearer and more effective manner compared to when text is used.

Research has also shown that people are more likely to share videos they like compared to text. This is because emotions are contagious and anyone who finds a video that is appealing and useful is likely to share it with a friend. Upon this realization, brands have used videos to drive their marketing campaigns. You can do this by developing a video that markets the product or service in a way that viewers find funny, engaging and relevant. Funny videos are known to go viral and this can generate massive online exposure for your brand.

Videos can also be used to enhance credibility. This happens because viewers are actually ‘seeing it happen’. How can your brand leverage this to its advantage? When there’s a certain product or service that you just introduced, then create a video that illustrates to your target customers how it works. This will instantly increase the customer’s confidence in that product or service.

The effect that videos will have on your website will not only be determined by their quality but also how well they are promoted. High quality videos are more likely to reach a larger viewing audience compared to video content that has been poorly done. Keep this in mind as you plan on including videos on your website.Please view or animated HD video.

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