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7 Effective Ways of Improving Your Responsive Website Design Approach

If a toggle is demanded by your site users for switching between mobile and desktop layouts, it can be surmised that your responsive web design did not really turn out as you had expected it to. Here are seven things

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Mobile Website Design: Addictive In Fort Lauderdale

Do you fall in the category of people who check their smartphones reflexively every ten minutes, not because of a feeling of vibration or to attend a call, but simply because it has become an involuntary habit for them, just

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The Power of Minimalism in Mobile Website Designs

If you are planning to create a mobile version of your website, it might be a smart design decision to go for minimalism. Many people cringe at the idea of a minimalist design, assuming that it would make their site

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Typography: A Crucial Factor in Mobile Website Design

The restrictive nature of mobile screens makes mobile typography unique and different.Mobile phones are significantly small and often used in brightly lit environments, thereby making it difficult at times to decipher anything. For this reason, you have to be extra

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Google Analytics Updated Design Improves Your Site’s Performance

Google Analytics is essentially a free service offered by Google of tracking and analyzing statistics, enabling website administrators to assess flow of traffic on a website. Along with helping you measure conversions and sales, fresh insights are also given by

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Google+: The New Boss in the World of SEO

Of lately, there has been a lot of talk about whether Google+ is really capable of changing the face of SEO as is predicted by experts. There is still a section of people who are not ready to take the

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Samsung’s Galaxy Gear: We Are Now In The Future.

Samsung electronics Co. Samsung Galaxy Gear and Note 3 Launched!! the much-anticipated Galaxy Gear smart watch gear of the future. Show casing at IFA tradeshow in Berlin. This is so amazing and can do almost everything? Here’s a view of

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Is The New Keyword Planner Tool of Google a Worthy Replacement of the Old Keyword Tool?

Recently, the Google Keyword Planner officially replaced the old Keyword Tool, causing an uproar in the SEM world. It was quite evident from the Twitter sentiment that followed that not everyone was happy with this development. But, before we delve

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HTML5: The Stars Are Aligning With The Future of Web Design

If recent trends are anything to go by, the future clearly belongs to multi screen consumption. Devices like tablets and mobiles are gradually becoming first screens of consumers, so that it is imperative for the content which is developed to

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Understanding the Concept of Minimalist Landing Pages in Web Design

Thankfully, web designers in Fort Lauderdale have finally understood that it is not a good idea to clutter their designs with insignificant elements. Too many design elements like confusing navigation systems, textured grunge backgrounds, unnecessary stock photos, blog post widgets,

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