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Redesign Outdated Website into a New Mobile Web Design

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on Tuesday, 05 November 2013 in Wish111 Blog


If you feel that your website is growing old and outdated, its time you considered a fresh new mobile web design. Many websites that have been around for too long do not end up meeting their purpose simply because of the design. Redesigning the website can open many doors for the business. You can change your design just to make it look better and deliver a great browsing experience for mobile users.

Before you decide to change your old site and engage a designer, it is important to clearly identify the elements that you would like to change and why. You do not want to make significant changes that will end up making your frequent web visitors feel alienated. You want to maintain some standard elements in their usual places to make it easy for your frequent visitors to find their way around using the new design.

The most common reason why people choose to convert their old sites is to make them more user-friendly. In this case, adapting a fresh new mobile design will make your web pages more usable for mobile visitors and this enhances your sales and customer satisfaction. The idea is to design something that will still represent your brand but in a better way for people who are accessing your site on mobile devices as well as those using the desktop.

Basically, this conversion is meant to enhance usability and customer friendliness more than anything else. Other than that, a  new design will certainly enhance your online image. It will help you to attract a larger customer base and have a great edge over your competitors. As soon as a mobile user gets to your site and is able to navigate through without any issues, it sends a positive message regarding your brand. 

Additionally, your old site may not be able to deliver in terms of style and appearance. A new mobile web design will take into account the colors, shapes, fonts and other elements which play a huge role on the ultimate look and feel of a website. Visual consistency is also going to be maintained. 

There are so many other issues that you will deal with once you choose to convert your old site into a new mobile view. For instance, loading speed will be greatly improved. Most old sites have poor loading speeds simply because of overusing graphics, flash and media files. Your new mobile web design will take this into account in order to come up with quick loading web pages.


To conclude, investing in a site design will make your site more accessible, usable and search engine friendly. There are some simple elements on your old site that may greatly interfere with its search engine friendliness. Making these structural changes can greatly improve website traffic and boost sales. Do not make your old site become a stumbling point that makes you lose web visitors every minute. Invest in a new mobile web design if you want to achieve your company’s online goal.



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