5 Key Features of Top SEO Tools

October 01, 2014


After implementing several SEO techniques, you have to keep track of your website progress and know what’s working for you. Top SEO tools can help you to record your site’s progress and improve your visibility online. Getting a collection of tools that will help you to manage your SEO campaign can be a rather difficult task. But we’ve simplified your job of looking for reliable SEO tools. You just need to make sure they have the following features.

Accurate reporting

The best SEO tools should enable you to make reports easily and keep track of your progress. If you need data on the number of links you’ve acquired within a month or the keywords you are ranking for, you should be able to easily get them from the SEO tool. You should also be able to customize the report to suit your needs. The best SEO tools will show you what changes can be made on the site content and the strategies that you need to implement in order to improve your rankings.

Managing links

Another important feature of an SEO tool is the ability to help you find prospective links, manage your links and get more information on who is linking to your site. A reliable SEO tool will help you to get very reliable and trusted sources which you can use to generate quality links. It should be easy to find out who is linking to your site using a SEO tool.

Simplify keyword research

It’s important for your site to be optimized for the right keywords. If you get your group of keywords wrong, it’s going to be difficult for your site to perform well online. Top SEO tools make keyword research so much easier. You get all the information you need to settle on the right keywords such as their search volume. The best software should provide accurate data that you can rely on to make decisions on which keywords to use.

Ability to track competitor progress

Keeping track of your competition is very critical in every industry. You have to compare several components such as the keywords you are targeting, your search engine rankings and inbound links. All this information can be easily acquired by using the right SEO tools. You can even obtain a tool that analyzes the performance of your competitor and provides a detailed report that includes all the metrics you are interested. With this information, you can create an SEO campaign that is better than your competitor’s.

Ability to get immediate help and support

Should an issue arise when using the SEO tool, you should be able to get all the help you need. The best SEO tools have very active communities as well as reliable support teams to assist users whenever they face issues using the software.

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